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How do you change linetype in Illustrator?

Last updated on April 23, 2023 @ 8:25 am

If you need to change the linetype in Illustrator, there are a few different ways to do it. The easiest way is to go to the Brushes window where you can see various line types that are brush-like. To open this, simply go to the Window menu and select the “Brushes” option.

This will open the Brushes window, where you can select the new linetype from the list.

PRO TIP: If you are not careful, changing the linetype in Illustrator can result in losing your work. Always save your work before changing the linetype, and be sure to export a copy in a format that can be opened in other vector editing software, just in case.

If you need to change the linetype to a dash-like appearance, you can use the Stroke Window (Window > Stroke).

In the Stroke window on the right panel, click on the checkbox beside the “Dashed Line” option and this line type will be automatically applied to your line.

Finally, you can also use the Dashed Line settings to adjust the length of the dashes and how much gap there is in between the dashes. This will form another line type that you can adjust according to your preference.

Line type can also be applied to your text using the Stroke window! Just adjust the Dashed Line settings to make it readable.

NOTE: Make sure that you have set the Fill color of the text to “None” and the Stroke to any solid color that you want, to achieve the best results!

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