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How do you edit a graph in Illustrator?

Last updated on May 5, 2023 @ 8:57 am

Editing graphs in Illustrator is a cinch! First, use the Selection Tool to select the graph you want to edit. Then, in the Properties panel, click on the Graph Type button.

NOTE: You can add a graph to your canvas using a variety of graph tools available in Illustrator. In this example, we used the Column Graph Tool.

In the Graph Type window, you can change the following settings:

Type: This setting determines the type of graph displayed in the graph editor panel. The options are Column, Stacked Column, Bar, Stacked Bar, Line, Area, Scatter, Pie, and Radar. You can also change the Value Axis position in this section.

Style: This setting lets you adjust the style of your graph. You can add a drop shadow, and legends to your graph using this section.

Options: This section is different for each of the graph types. This lets you adjust or add other functionalities available for the type of graph that you are using. In this case, we are using the Column type of graph, therefore, we can change its column width and cluster width in the Options section.

You can also use the Graph Data button in the Properties panel to change the data in the graph. With this, you can add or remove data labels in the graph editor.

Another option is to change the color of your graph. To do this, first, select a part of your graph using the “Direct Selection Tool” on the left toolbar.

Then, go to the Fill section under the Properties panel. Click on the color box beside the Fill option and this will open the Color Picker window. Select the new color that you want to apply to your graph. You can change the color of the lines, bars, areas, and pies with this.


PRO TIP: When editing a graph in Illustrator, be careful not to accidentally move or delete any of the anchor points. Otherwise, your graph may become distorted or incorrect.
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