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How do you make a wireframe in InVision?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 8:43 pm

A wireframe is a visual representation of a website or app that can help you understand how it will look and function. InVision is a popular app for creating and sharing wireframes.

InVision lets you create a prototype of your site or app in a few minutes, without having to learn code.

To create a wireframe in InVision, first create a new project. In the Project panel, select your project’s type: a website, app, or prototype. In the Canvas, you’ll see a white background with blue lines.

PRO TIP: Invision is a great tool for wireframing, but it’s important to remember a few things when using it. First, always save your work often! Invision has a tendency to crash, and you don’t want to lose your work. Second, be careful when copying and pasting elements from one frame to another – Invision sometimes doesn’t handle this well and you can end up with lost or misplaced elements.

Drag and drop elements on the Canvas to create a layout. You can also use the toolbar to create elements, or select from a library of ready-made designs.

When you’re finished, you can save your wireframe as a PNG or PDF file. You can also share it with other people using the InVision app or by email.

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