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How do you make pop art in Illustrator?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 6:58 pm

Pop art is a type of art that uses bright, colorful, and often banal images to convey a message. In order to create pop art in Illustrator, you will first need to gather a variety of images that fit the bill. Once you have your images, you will need to start by creating a new document. In the new document, you will want to create a few basic shapes. One of these shapes should be a rectangle, and the other should be a circle. Once you have created these shapes, you will want to fill them with a variety of colors.

PRO TIP: This article contains outdated information. Pop art in Illustrator has changed significantly since the release of Adobe Creative Cloud. The author provides outdated instructions that will not work with the current version of the software.

The colors you use will depend on the images you have chosen, but you should aim for a mixture of bright colors and more subdued colors. Once you have filled the shapes with color, you will want to add text to the document. This text can be used to convey a message or to create a mood. Finally, you will want to add your images to the document. Once you have added your images, you will want to resize and position them so that they look their best. When you are done, you will want to add a border to the document, and you will be ready to start creating your pop art.

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