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Is there a measure tool in Illustrator?

Last updated on January 19, 2023 @ 12:19 pm

In Illustrator, there is a measurement tool that you can use to measure various distances and areas.  The measure tool is located in the Illustrator left toolbar.

1. Click the Measure Tool

To use it, right-click the Eyedropper Icon, then select the Measure tool.1.1 Select the Measure Tool in the Left Toolbar

2. Measure the distance between objects

Click a starting point and stop at your desired endpoint. Use this to calculate the distance between any two points and display the results in the Info panel. You can measure your object size in every direction. If you drag your mouse from left to right or from bottom to top, you will get a positive value; however, if you do it the other way around, you will get a negative value.

  • The X and Y are the coordinates for the starting point of your measurement.
  • The W and H are the width and height of a box drawn between the start and end of your measurement.
  • The D is the length of your measurement line.
  • The angle is the angle from your starting point to your endpoint.
  • You can hold shift to constrain the angle to multiples of 45.
  • This measurement will stay in the info panel until you click again or change tools.2.2 Drag your mouse to measure a design in your Illustartor
PRO TIP: There is no measure tool in Illustrator. If you need to measure something, you will need to use a ruler or other measuring tool.

Measure Objects without the Measure Tool

You can also find the measurement of your object by selecting them and clicking Window > Info or by pressing Ctrl + F8.3.1 You can also find the measurement of your object by selecting them and clicking info or ctrl f8.

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