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WordPress is the most used Content Management System and blogging software. It powers millions of websites (and counting), and has become the de facto king of website creation tools. In fact, much like PHP and Photoshop, WordPress is now listed as a “skill” on job boards, and knowledge of WordPress can help one get a good job.

The biggest reason behind the popularity of WordPress is that it is really easy to learn and deploy, and you can setup a blog within minutes using WordPress. That said, where does one begin when it comes to learning WordPress? Of course, the official documentation or WordPress Codex is quite possibly the most accurate place to turn to, but what if you need more than just documentation? How about proper tutorials and resources to help you master WordPress quickly?

In this article, I will be taking a look at some of the best and most useful online resources that can help you learn WordPress the right way. So without wasting anymore time, let us get started with the resources, shall we?

The Best Online Resources to Learn WordPress The Right Way

1. WordPress.tv

If you are looking for videos about WordPress, look no further than WordPress.tv


Basically, WordPress.tv is where you will find recordings of videos from WordCamps around the globe. Obviously, WordCamps are where experts get together to share their thoughts and views on all things related to WordPress, so WordPress.tv is possibly the best resource for learning about the experiences and views of WordPress experts and users.

2. BobWP

BobWP, managed and curated by Bob Dunn, is a very respected and loved resource site for learning more about WordPress. It offers video tutorials, written tutorials, workshops, as well as one to one training sessions.



The highlight of BobWP is that the courses are designed using the DIY approach, and are ideal for folks who need a more relaxed and guided approach to help them learn WordPress. That said, BobWP’s courses are mostly in favor of specific plugins and themes, such as the Genesis Framework, so you might need to bear that in mind if you are looking to learn more about something that works out of the box and does not rely on specific set of tools.

3. Lynda.com

Lynda.com is owned and operated by LinkedIn. It is a popular resource site for learning a multitude of skills, such as web design, web development, animation, photography and even marketing. Of course, WordPress is not left out.



When looking for WordPress courses at Lynda.com, search for ones by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Carrie Dils and Patrick Rowland. The training videos at Lynda.com are highly professional, and rely on a step by step approach to help both novice and advanced users.

4. WP Beginner

WP Beginner is not really a “tutorial-only” website. Instead, it is more of a WordPress-specific blog meant primarily for, as the name suggests, beginner-level users of WordPress.

wp beginner


WP Beginner offers tutorials, advice, opinions, and other relevant posts for users who are looking to get started with WordPress. You can find reviews of plugins, themes as well as other relevant services, such as Content Delivery Networks and web hosting providers.

The site also offers video tutorials to subscribers, but the bulk of the content on WP Beginner is made up of articles and how-to posts.

5. WordPress 101

WordPress 101 is another beginner-specific resource for learners of WordPress. It offers an extensive library of useful videos that can be used to brush up one’s knowledge about the fundamentals and basics of WordPress.



The USP of WordPress 101 is that it lets developers send their clients to its videos — there are specific plans wherein you, as a developer building websites with WordPress, can purchase white label options and custom plugins to help your clients learn more about WordPress.

WordPress 101 also has its own forum where learners of WordPress can ask questions and find solutions to their queries.

6. WP Sessions

WP Sessions is quite similar to WordPress.tv in terms of structure and organization. The videos on this website are niche-specific, and rather than beginner-level introductory courses, most of the videos on WP Sessions deal with specific issues and skills.

wordpress sessions


As such, WP Sessions is where you will find video tutorials about topics such as plugin development, theme development, code reviews, and so on. This, if instead of articles such as “How to install plugin XYZ”, you are looking for video tutorials such as “How to code a plugin that does XYZ”, WP Sessions is something you should surely look at.

7. Udemy

Much like Lynda.com, Udemy offers specialized courses for a diverse range of topics, such as programming, photography, database management, and so on. The tutorials on Udemy range from absolute beginner-level to highly advanced-level.



WordPress, being the popular software that it is, is not left out at Udemy, and a quick search will give you hundreds of courses related to WordPress.

Udemy courses related to WordPress are refined in their nature: if you are looking for a general overview course about WordPress, Udemy is probably not your best bet. On the other hand, if you are looking for a course that takes you from novice to expert on a specific topic related to WordPress, say theme development, Udemy is something you should surely look at.

8. WP Apprentice

If you are looking for something that is absolutely beginner-friendly, WP Apprentice is a good choice. The tutorials on this website focus on new users of WordPress, and most of the content ranges around quick start guides to beginner-level resources.



WP Apprentice generally assumes no prior knowledge of either web design or web development, and is therefore ideal for users who are looking for a course that lets them understand even the most basic aspects of WordPress usage.

9. Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse is a learning resource site that offers tutorials related to web design, coding, content management and yes, WordPress. The tutorials at Team Treehouse are focused around videos, though you also have transcripts and forums as backup resources. Plus, you also have the liberty to download Team Treehouse videos for later perusal.

treehouse learn wordpress


Learning WordPress from Team Treehouse is pretty much like enrolling in a classroom — you will be presented with lessons and chapters, and your progress will be measured via self-assessment quizzes. As such, when you opt for a specific sub-course, say “Theme Development in WordPress”, you will be taken through a series of mini courses — PHP skills for WordPress, template structure of WordPress themes, learning front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, working with actions and hooks in WordPress — until you finally conclude the course and master theme creation using WordPress.

This makes Team Treehouse ideal for users who seek total mastery over WordPress, such as aspiring developers looking to build plugins and themes for WordPress.

10. Tuts+

Tuts+, owned by Envato, is a range of websites that publish tutorials dedicated to specific subjects, such as coding, web design, photography, business, music and audio, and so on. Their Code Tutorials website has a category dedicated to WordPress learning.



Tuts+ Network’s content is modelled along the lines of a blog, but offers tutorial-level content. You will find articles that teach you how to accomplish certain actions in WordPress, as well as advanced lessons discussing concepts such as mobile themes in WordPress. The best part about Tuts+ is that certain topics are just plain useful and yet rare: troubleshooting issues in WordPress, for instance, is something that is very useful yet not well covered elsewhere.

NOTE: If you are an ardent reader, Tuts+ Network also offers advice and posts related to books and ebooks that might be of use for its learners.
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This brings us to the end of this article about online resources for learning WordPress.

When it comes to WordPress, learning it can surely be of great use, especially because it is quite popular and simple to use. Of the above-mentioned services and courses, you can pick anyone that best suits your needs and requirements. That said, most of the above services come with a paid plan, and offer variable pricing depending on the level of depth and genre of tutorials that you opt for. However, if pricing is of concern for you, services such as WordPress.tv are totally free, whereas still others like WP Beginner and Tuts+ offer a good deal of free content alongside their premium offerings.

Lastly, learning any new software or acquiring a new skill comes with a learning curve of its own, and WordPress is no exception to that norm. As such, being patient when learning WordPress, and keeping track of one’s progress is the key here. Success will surely come, especially because WordPress is one of the easiest tools in its league.

Have you given any of the above services a try? How did you learn WordPress, and which services or websites did you use? Share your views and thoughts in the comments below!

NOTE: About the author: Sufyan bin Uzayr is a writer, published author, web developer, and the guy behind Code Carbon. Learn more about his works on this page.


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  1. Sheila Mills

    I actually haven’t heard about Lynda.com before so thanks for bringing it up in this article. I signed up to see if their teachings differ from my usual haunt (WordPress 101). They actually have a great take on beginner learning with plenty of pro-grade stuff, too. I flick between the two now just to keep on top of their latest stuff, and I’d now consider myself quite experienced 6 months down the line.

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