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Created in 2016, SITE123’s motto is that they are “by far the easiest free website builder.” Their software is designed so that you can create a website without being a developer or web designer. The system has a simple and powerful user interface that has all of the features expected in the web builder industry. Examples include Paypal integration, social media tools, mobile responsiveness, SEO tools, and an easy-to-learn web editor.

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SITE123 is free by default and includes four premium plans for users who want an expanded user experience. These expanded features include custom domain connections, mailboxes, more languages, etc. A list of features, pros and cons of this software can be seen below:

Main SITE123 Features

  • Many layouts and app plugins
  • Powerful premium options
  • Mobile responsiveness on any mobile device
  • Hundreds of site templates
  • Designed for users with little or no coding experience
  • Suited for entrepreneurs with limited time to work on or maintain websites

User Experience

On average, SITE123’s system scores high on user experience. The prices are reasonable and the features are excellent. The interface is one of the most user-friendly in the web builder industry. The system lags behind its competitors in terms of analytics and the number of site templates available. There are many features, but wherever a specific feature is lacking, it is covered with third-party apps and integration.

Despite this, SITE123 is an excellent choice for customers seeking simple, beautiful websites. It’s E-commerce tool is advanced as well and suited for online stores. Any user can design the website they want without the need of coding experience or a professional web developer.

Premium Features

SITE123’s setup is straightforward; the default package is free and there are 4 premium plans. The free plan offers 1 GB of bandwidth and 500 MB of storage and is well suited for one-page websites. The free plan has a “Powered by SITE123” banner ad and the site is under the SITE123 subdomain. This makes the free plan suited for amateur websites, but not for professional websites.

The 4 premium plans are designed around the needs of small business owners. The professional plan is the most popular plan. Features include 90 GB of storage, 45 GB of Bandwidth, and the removal of all SITE123 advertising. The pro plan also gives E-commerce functionality with 500 orders, 5 free mailboxes, credit card integration, and your own custom domain!

Options and Tools

SITE123 includes all of the essential elements expected of modern website builders:

  • Mobile responsive websites
  • Blog integration
  • Hundreds of themed templates
  • Video and image backgrounds
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • eCommerce tools with Paypal and credit card integration
  • Personalized email addresses
  • An enormous library of stock images and videos
  • Preview tools that allow viewing of the whole website before you publish your site
  • A powerful SEO tool optimized so that user websites are found on search engines

The SITE123 system goes further than most web builders by offering easy multilingual website setup. Instead of having to make different website versions for each language, the same website can be efficiently translated into multiple languages. All headers and subheaders are automatically translated, and manual translation of any text entry can be done through the language system.


SITE123 offers themes and layouts, as well as a template gallery for users who want to browse for a specific look. The various themes available include basic categories like Business, Online Store, Blog, Restaurants and Food, Events, etc. This further splits up into several sub-categories for getting templates specifically suited to the type of website.

After picking your theme, you name your website and select the default language option. The system offers dozens of different languages for the default language option.

The user can decide at any time whether they want their website to be multi-page or one-page. Templates can be changed in multiple ways, adjusted to meet the user’s needs and expectations.

The SITE123 system offers a huge variety of tools to change text, buttons, and other features, including social media integration. Changing templates as you go is not supported (you need to begin again with a new one). The disadvantage to this customizable system is a limited list of template options for highly specific industries. Users need to think about layout and design before picking a template to find everything they want.

Customer Service

SITE123 offers many different customer support options. These include 24/7 live chat, step-by-step tutorials, email support, and multiple social media outlets. The service is overall good and a stand-out in the industry. Any confusion with a specific feature is quickly solved with the help of the tech support team. The are also reachable on social media, like on their Facebook page.

Ecommerce Plans

Made with business owners in mind, the professional plan is the most popular plan. It is offered at $21.80/month and is renewable every 3, 12, 24, or 36 months. The eCommerce function is simple to set up and quickly links to the user’s Paypal account. Users can select the Gold plan, which has the maximum features available from the system. They also can choose an advanced plan ideal for single projects and a basic plan for users on a budget.


SITE123 is an overall good solution for small businesses and website owners that want to make attractive websites without needing web experts. The Ecommerce abilities of the system are powerful and professional and listed at a reasonable price. Many small businesses decide to use SITE123 to sell their products online. For bloggers and other single-site users, SITE123 offers a huge image gallery, attractive designs, and high quality templates. Try it out and build your website with the SITE123 system if you are looking for a quality online web builder.

Thumbs Up

  • A powerful in-house Ecommerce tool
  • Excellent 24/7 Live Customer Support
  • Integrated SEO features
  • Free Domain and web hosting
  • Templates for all types and sizes of websites
  • Unlimited pages can be added to each site
  • Extensive Apps and 3rd Party Plugin Integration
  • Translation tool that can translate text into 50 different languages

Thumbs down

  • The design process is easy to use but limited by design
  • Code cannot be manually modified in the system
  • Import and export of websites is not possible
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