Top 30 Food & Restaurant WordPress Themes for Creating Delicious Websites in 2019

Last updated on January 2, 2019 @ 11:05 am

Have you always dreamed of making a dazzling website that could present your cooking talents in the best light? Clear your mind of doubts and start promoting your business online right now!

Why Choose a Ready-Made Template

To say the truth, there is an array of reasons that can, probably, assure you to take a glance at ready-made templates.

To start with, let’s find out how much money you can save if you decide to purchase a ready-made template, not order a custom website. Yet, before this, ask yourself a question. What website do you consider to be perfect? It may be a powerful and functional online-project that can easily grow your online presence, promote your business and bring you the crowds of loyal customers. You don’t need to find a professional web designer who is able to create a website with such features from scratch, or use one of the site builders available. So, guys, breaking news! You can do it by yourself with the help of the ready-made theme.

Using ready-made business WordPress themes, you won’t waste time on discussing every possible option of your future online-project. In fact, there are only a few steps that you need to follow: open a collection of marvelous ready-made templates on the Internet, find your ideal variant, purchase it and personalize your theme. Now let’s calculate the saved amount of money. A custom website will cost you at least $1000, while for a template you pay only $100. All in all, you save approximately $900. It definitely sounds really alluring! In addition to this, you won’t need to learn everything about coding to install a theme and work with it. Everything is pretty easy.

What to Look Up in a Food & Restaurant WordPress Theme

As you can understand, a website that has something to do with food should have a really impressive look. It should look as tasty and delicious as dishes that you or your team cooks. To make you happy, we’ve made a selection of themes that can provide you with such a stunning look of your website. With the help of them, you can create different menus, show the pictures of your dishes and even start your own blog about cooking.

All templates presented in this small collection were thoroughly selected from,,, and

Cup-o’-Joy: Coffee Shop WordPress Theme

A cozy theme made for those who cannot imagine their life without a smell and taste of the coffee. You have an opportunity to customize this theme, using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that will provide you with a quick process of the template personalization. In addition to this, you can use an amazing TM Gallery and display the pictures at their best. Finally, such custom widgets as post carousel, simple slider, and a few social media widgets give you a chance to enhance the functionality of the website.

Details | Demo

Heart Of Cuisine: Grill Restaurant WordPress Website

If you are connoisseur both of the delicious food and wonderful website design, you should definitely take a glance on this very theme. It will remind of hot summer days spent in nature’s lap with friends. The template comes with multiple layout options, so it’s possible to experiment with pages structure and create something special and unique. Furthermore, with the help of an easy-to-manage plugin, you can show the full restaurant menu in a post, sidebars or pages.

Details | Demo

Vincenzo: Feature-Rich Pizza Restaurant WordPress Site


To say the truth, it’s something more than an Italian restaurant WordPress theme, because it’s possible to look at it and not imagine yourself in a country full of sun and wind that tickles your cheeks. This very template comes with a huge pack of Cherry Plugins that will promote your website in the best possible way. Moreover, you get an appointment manager that allows booking tables directly on the website. Finally, it’s possible to play with the design of the template thanks to multiple layout options and a different variant of the header.

Details | Demo

VegDine: Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant WordPress Theme

If you want to assure everyone that fruits and vegetables can also be treated with imagination, you should try this bright template on. It has a fresh and stylish design that comes along with a marvelous functionality. For example, such tools as a commenting system, social options, and live search will definitely be to the visitors liking. All in all, thanks to a WordPress Live Customizer, you can view all made changes without page reloading.

Details | Demo

FoodLover: Restaurant Blog GPL WordPress Website

Have you collected a plenty of interesting receipts? Do you want to share them with people all over the world? It won’t be a big deal if you use this vivid WordPress theme for such a purpose. It has a huge variety of different widgets that will help you to make the best promotion ever. In addition to this, you get such web-forms as a newsletter subscription and contact form that allows getting in touch with your readers.

Details | Demo


VeggieBlog: Vegetarian Food Blog Responsive WordPress Template

If you want to create a trendy website about vegetarian food, you should definitely consider purchasing this very theme. To start with, you get free images that will help you to create a cozy website atmosphere. In addition to this, the design of the theme is mobile-first, so it doesn’t matter what screen resolution a gadget has.

Details | Demo

Craft Beer Pub and Brewery Responsive WordPress Site

craftbeer theme

Have you ever been in a real pub that is smelled of wood and hops? GutenBerg is a stunning pub WordPress template that will capture people’s attention and make them come to your homelike corner. Actually, this theme is one of the best solutions for such a purpose. To start with, you can present the menu right on the website in sidebars, posts or pages. Furthermore, content modules give you an opportunity to add various types of content to the website. Finally, you don’t need to learn everything about coding, because it won’t be a problem to personalize your online-project with the help of the drag-and-drop builder.

Details | Demo

VegiFan: Vegetarian Meals Blog WordPress Site Design

Vegetarian meals can also be really delicious! To be honest, it will be possible to believe this words if these very dishes are presented with the help of Vegifan. With the help of content modules, you’re able to present every possible type of content on the website: amazing images, pricing tables, contact forms and so and so forth. Moreover, the theme is fully-responsive, so it won’t lose its attractiveness, no matter what device the website visitor uses.

Details | Demo

WhaleFood: Fish & Seafood Restaurant WordPress Website

True gourmets who are crazy about seafood will fall in love with this theme at first sight. Actually, the template is considered to be eye-catching because of not only its exciting design. It has a great functionality that can provide you with an easy and pleasant process of website running. Your customers have a chance to view the menu right on the website and, in addition to this, book a table online. All in all, Cherry options and extensions will make your website even more spectacular and dazzling.

Details | Demo

TacosFandom: Mexican Food Restaurant WordPress Site Design

Let’s add some seasoning to this selection of templates for WordPress! If you want to give a spicy presentation of the authentic Mexican cuisine, just take a glance at this theme. Its brightness mixed with tasty pictures of tacos will make everyone want to come to your restaurant. In addition to this, the visitors can view the arrangement of the tables, choose one to their own liking and book it right on the website. What is more, a variety of custom widgets will help you to build a strong online-presence and fight your competitors.

Details | Demo

Favorite Steakhouse: Barbecue Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Favorite Steakhouse

If you don’t want people to go past your BBQ restaurant, you should draw their attention to it. As you can understand, it’s possible to do it with the help of this admirable template. You can build a unique website thanks to multiple layout options that allow making experiments with the structure of the pages. Moreover, you get seven header layouts. All in all, WordPress Live Customizer will provide you with a quick process of customization, because every made change is immediately shown on the screen without page reloading.

Details | Demo

Resto: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Template

A template that will definitely catch everyone’s fancy and bring you the crowds of satisfied customers who will say that they feel like at home in your restaurant. So, everything starts from the template installing and customizing that won’t take a long because of a powerful drag-and-drop builder. In addition to this, you get a wide variety of Cherry Plugins that will add additional functionality to your online project. Moreover, you can play with the design as your soul wants thanks to multiple layout options and different variants of the header.

Details | Demo

ElegantBar: Restaurant & Bar WordPress Website


A sophisticated and exquisite theme that comes with a plenty of modern and useful features. For example, your visitors can find out everything about a menu and book a table online. Then, they can even leave some feedback about provided services. Finally, it’s possible to change some aspects of the design (front page layout options, blog options, color options).

Details | Demo

Stick to Tradition: Kosher Restaurant WordPress Site Design

Kosher Restaurant WordPress Site

Sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to present a particular cuisine online. Using a power page builder composer, you can easily work with website pages without learning to code. In addition to this, the theme has a pleasant palette of colors that creates an incredibly elegant look. Finally, you can also display the full menu of the restaurant right on the website.

Details | Demo

Travel East: Asian Restaurant Responsive WordPress Website

When it comes to Asian restaurant WordPress themes, you should definitely search for something unusual. Actually, this theme is an ultimate solution for those who want to add some oriental flavor to their website. With the help of TM Gallery, you can present the best photos of the dishes and add some information about them. Moreover, if your menu captures people’s attention, they can immediately book the table online without any difficulties.

Details | Demo

Gourmet Cuisine: Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Site Design

If your restaurant is the best place to take friends or family to have a drink, you should convince every one of it. The theme comes with a video integration, so you can even leave a message for your customers. In addition to this, you get custom post types, so it’s possible to create a unique look of every page.

Details | Demo

LoveFood: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Actually, this very template can perfectly suit to an online-presentation of a theme cafe. It comes with a fresh look and a multiplicity of additional functions. For example, a drop-down menu, social tips, google maps and fonts. Moreover, you can show your clients the menu of the restaurant and, in addition to this, display the tastiest photos of the dishes.

Details | Demo

FoodMusic: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Website

FoodMusic is a fully-responsive trendy template that has a modern design and amazing functionality. It has a lot of options that you will find very helpful. As an example, favicon, drop-down menu or custom page templates. In general, the template is definitely easy to install, so you won’t have any issues with it.

Details | Demo

FreshRestaurant: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Design

A fresh theme that comes with an elegant typography and a vivid color scheme. It features a built-in slideshow template that will help you to present pictures of the cuisine at their best. Moreover, the template is fully-responsive, so all images and texts won’t lose its impressive look if users use their mobile devices to take a look at your website. Finally, a parallax effect will add even more attractiveness to the pages.

Details | Demo

YumBlog: Food Blog Responsive WordPress Theme

An ultimate solution for those who want to share their receipts online and even reveal some cooking secrets. Yumblog is a minimalistic theme that comes with tons of helpful features. As an example, custom backgrounds, colors, header and menu. So, you have a plenty of customization opportunities. What is more, you can promote your website by adding some social links to the header.

Details | Demo

Foodie: Crafty Responsive WordPress Design

Foodie is a vintage template with an admirable typography and a pleasant color scheme that capture everyone’s attention. You can customize the showcase template and give your website a special look. Moreover, it’s not a big problem to add video to the posts and even show some cooking video lessons.

Details | Demo

HealthSome: Wholesome Food Responsive WordPress Website

HealthSome is a fully-responsive theme that will help you to assure everyone that it’s possible to lead a healthy life. You have an opportunity to create your own custom header. Moreover, it’s possible to customize the website background, menu, and site logo.

Details | Demo

SteamCafe: Food and Drinks Responsive WordPress Theme

If you are in a search for a dazzling template that will present your cafe in the best possible light, this variant can provide you with such a thing. It comes with a one-click setup, so you will get your online-project ready just in a few clicks. Furthermore, the theme has an integrated Instagram gallery that will give the website an additional promotion.

Details | Demo

PixelRose: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Template

An enchanting and eye-catching solution that stands out of the array of other templates. A fully-responsive design gives a chance to get more traffic, because people can visit your website, using a plenty of different devices. In addition to this, your clients can book tables online without any difficulties.

Details | Demo

GrandRestaurant: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Design

A template that can impress users not only with an impressive design but with a great functionality. It has three menus and five blog layouts which are fully customizable. Moreover, you can display stunning messages of the restaurant menu with the help of the full-screen gallery.

Details | Demo

LemonChili: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Website

LemonChili is a theme that will give you a clear idea of the website that can present your business at its best. Using this theme, you can create different kinds of food and drink menus. Moreover, it comes with two skins (dark and light), but you can play with the design and change a logo, color scheme, favicon and so and so forth.

Details | Demo

DinaBar: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Discover new tastes with the help of this spicy theme! It has a fully-responsive design that will have a marvelous look, no matter what device your client uses. In addition to this, the template has an intuitive and elegant menu that will impress the website visitors without a doubt. Finally, you get three blog layouts and four layouts of the gallery with lightbox.

Details | Demo

CuisineBlogger: Food Blog Responsive WordPress Template

This theme will definitely impress those people who adore cooking and sharing their experience with others. CuisineBlogger comes with receipts cards that can be displayed on multiple pages or posts. What is more, you get an opportunity to change colors of the templates as your soul wants. All in all, the design is mobile-first, so you don’t need to be bothered with creating different versions of the website.

Details | Demo

FoodTruck: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Design

Are you a food truck owner who wants to spread the word about the provided services and products? This theme has everything to help you with such a desire. To start with, if your truck is always on move, you can easily mark its location on Google Maps. Moreover, you can work with the color scheme and change the logo to grow a strong online presence. Finally, it won’t be a problem for you to manage a menu even if you are not familiar with websites development.

Details | Demo

Foodster: Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Template

Foodster is a modern and eye-catching theme made in bright colors. It has four header styles among which you can choose your perfect one. In addition to this, five homepage and blog post layouts that will help you to capture everyone’s attention. Furthermore, you get hundreds of Google Fonts that will make the design even more attractive.

Details | Demo

Have you liked this selection of templates? Have you already picked your design? Feel free to share your thought in the comments section below!

By the way, if you are interested in the enhancement of your website’s functionality, take a look at this book, with the help of which you will find amazing information about best WordPress plugins.

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