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Where is Joomla log?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 8:24 am


What is the Joomla log?

The Joomla log is a file that stores information about the actions performed by Joomla while it is running. This file can be accessed using the Joomla administration panel.

The Joomla log can contain information about the following:

• The dates and times that specific events took place

• The websites that were visited

• The files that were uploaded or downloaded

• The errors that were encountered

• The configuration changes that were made

The Joomla log can be helpful in troubleshooting problems that may be associated with Joomla. For example, if you are having trouble logging in to your Joomla site, the log may contain information about the username and password that you were using when you were trying to log in.

PRO TIP: If you are having trouble finding your Joomla logs, it is important to know that they are located in the “logs” folder inside your Joomla installation. This folder can be found in your site’s root directory.

The Joomla log can be stored in either the local computer or the server where Joomla is installed.


The Joomla log can be a helpful tool in troubleshooting problems that may be associated with Joomla.

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