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Can You Code HTML in Wix?

Last updated on January 3, 2023 @ 9:37 pm

Yes, you can code HTML in Wix. You can use the HTML element to add your own custom code to your Wix site.

This is useful if you want to add a third-party widget or embed a video from another site. To do this, simply add the HTML element to your page, then enter your code in the box that appears.


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You can also style text in HTML using the <p>, <b> and <u> tags. The <p> tag is used for paragraphs, the <b> tag is used for bold text, and the <u> tag is used for underlined text.

PRO TIP: Can You Code HTML in Wix?

Although Wix allows you to insert HTML code into your website, we do not recommend doing so. Wix is a visual website builder and the coding you insert will not be automatically optimized for our platform. This can result in unpredictable and often undesirable outcomes on your live site.

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