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Can You Warp Text in Canva?

Last updated on December 9, 2022 @ 7:14 am

You can warp text in Canva by using the “Curve” tool under Effects Tab.

To do this, first select the “Text” tool from the left side panel. Then, click and drag to create a text box. Enter your text into the text box.1.1 Create a text boxTo warp the text, click on “Effects” in the top toolbar.1. Select your text and click Effects Click “Curve” and then you will see a slider appear. Use the slider to warp the text to your desired look. You can use numerical values to achieve precise curvature.2. Click Curve and Adjust the Curve Slider to your desired look.Now, you can be creative about how can you warp your text using the Curve Effect in Canva.3. resultYou can also style your text using the built-in Canva tools such as font family, size, color, and etc. To do this, simply click the text you want to style and select one of the tools in the top toolbar.4.1 Change font style

For example, to make text bold, you would click the < B > icon. To make text italic, you would use the < I > icon. And to underline text, you would click the < U> icon.6. Bold Text

PRO TIP: Can You Warp Text in Canva?

No, you cannot warp text in Canva. If you try to warp text, it will look distorted and unprofessional.


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