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How Do I Get Higher Resolution in Canva?

Last updated on September 27, 2022 @ 6:41 pm

If you’re hoping to print your Canva design in high resolution, there are a few things you need to know. First, let’s start with the basics:

What is DPI? DPI stands for “dots per inch” and refers to the number of ink dots that can be printed within a one-inch span. The higher the DPI, the greater the resolution and detail in your print.

What is Canva’s standard printing resolution? Canva’s standard printing resolution is 300 DPI. This means that when you download a print-ready file from Canva, it will contain 300 dots of ink per inch.

Why does print resolution matter? The quality of your print will heavily depend on its resolution.

If you try to print a low-resolution file on a high-quality printer, the results will be disappointing. The image will appear blurry, pixilated, or just generally poor in quality. On the other hand, if you try to print a high-resolution file on a low-quality printer, you’ll still get poor results.

PRO TIP: If you are not careful, you may end up with a lower resolution image than you started with.

How do I get higher resolution in Canva?

To ensure your prints turn out looking amazing, make sure to download a print-ready file with at least 300 DPI. You can check an image’s resolution by opening it in Canva and selecting “Download,” then “More options.”

From there, select “Print” from the dropdown menu and click “More options” again. In the window that appears, you’ll see the image’s current DPI listed under “Print size. ”


To get higher resolution in Canva, make sure to download a print-ready file with at least 300 DPI. ”

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