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How Do You Add Input Fields in Figma?

Last updated on December 8, 2022 @ 10:31 am

If you’re working on a web or interface design in Figma, you may need to add input fields to your design. Input fields are HTML elements that allow users to enter information, such as their name, email address, or password.

There are two ways to add input fields in Figma: by using the “Add Element” button or by adding a frame and then adding the input field to that frame.

To add an input field using the “Add Element” button:

1. Select the “Add Element” button from the toolbar. You can usually find it in Figma Plugins called Form. Click Run, and you will find a variety of preset form elements.

Form plugin figma

2. Click on the “Input Field” option. Then, drag and drop it into the customization field and add your labels. Click Style it once you’re satisfied.

Drop presets input field to create component

In this section, you can further adjust the color and font of your input elements. Then click Add to Page once done.

Add presets input fields to page figma

3. Next, click on the location in your design where you want to add the input field.

Form plugin presets input field figma

4. Enter the desired placeholder text for the input field. You can further edit all the information if you ever change your mind. Simply double-click on the elements and change the text or adjust the length of the input fields.

5. Click the “OK” button or press Enter once satisfied.

PRO TIP: Input fields are a great way to gather information from users, but they can be tricky to add in Figma. Here are a few things to keep in mind when adding input fields to your design:

1. Make sure the input field is large enough for users to enter data easily.

2. Use a clear, legible font for the input field so users can easily read what they’re typing.

3. Consider adding placeholder text to the input field, so users know what kind of data to enter.

4. If you’re using a form in your design, make sure the input fields are correctly aligned with the other form elements.

5. Test your input fields with real data to make sure they work as expected.

To add an input field by adding a frame:

1. Select the “Frame” tool from the toolbar.

Click the frame tool figma

2. Click and drag to create a frame in your design.

Click and drag frame figma

3. Select the “Input Field” option from the toolbar. You can also use the Rectangle tool to create input fields manually.

Select rectangle to create input field figma

4. Click on the location inside of the frame where you want to add the input field. Then, use the Text tool to add more details to your input elements.

Producing manual input fields figma

5. Click the “OK” button or press Enter once satisfied.

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