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How Do You Do Quantity Discount on Shopify?

Last updated on October 1, 2022 @ 1:58 pm

Quantity discounts are a great way to encourage customers to buy more of your products. They can also help you clear out inventory that you need to move. If you’re looking to offer quantity discounts on your Shopify store, there are a few different ways to do it.

One way to offer quantity discounts is to use the built-in discount feature in Shopify. To do this, go to your Admin panel and click on Discounts. From here, you can create a discount code that customers can enter at checkout to get the quantity discount.

Another way to offer quantity discounts is through a third-party app. There are a few different apps that allow you to offer quantity discounts, and they all work slightly differently.

Make sure to read the app’s documentation to see if it’s compatible with Shopify before you install it.

You can also offer quantity discounts without using a discount code or an app. To do this, you’ll need to set up a pricing schedule in your Shopify Admin panel. This is a bit more complicated than using the built-in discount feature or a third-party app, but it does give you more control over how the discount is applied.

No matter which method you choose, quantity discounts can be a great way to boost sales and clear out inventory. Just make sure to test everything before you start offering the discount to make sure it works the way you want it to.

How Do You Do Quantity Discount on Shopify?

There are multiple ways that Shopify lets store owners set up quantity discounts.

PRO TIP: If you are planning to offer quantity discounts on your Shopify store, be aware that there are some potential risks and pitfalls.

First, quantity discounts can encourage customers to buy more than they need, which can lead to inventory issues. Second, if not properly managed, quantity discounts can eat into your profits. Finally, quantity discounts can create a sense of urgency that may cause customers to purchase items they don’t really want or need.

Proceed with caution when offering quantity discounts on your Shopify store, and be sure to monitor your sales and profits closely.

The first option is through Shopify’s built in Discounts feature. Go to Admin > Discounts.

From here, create a discount code that gives a percentage or dollar amount off when customers purchase a certain number of items.

“Note: If you want your customers to be able to use the same code multiple times, make sure the “Usage limit per customer” field is blank.” -Shopify Help Center


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Discount codes and apps are not the only way that Shopify lets users set up quantity discounts.

The last method requires going into “Products > Inventory > Pricing Schedule” (from Admin panel). Here shop owners can set rules so that when someone buys X number of Y product, they get it at Z price.

For example: “Buy 2 mugs for $12 each or 3 mugs for $10 each.” (from Shopify Help Center – Apply A Volume Discount )

Quantity discounts are beneficial because they encourage customers buy more items while also helping store owners move inventory.

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