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Is there a spray paint tool in Illustrator?

Last updated on January 19, 2023 @ 10:43 am

In Illustrator, there is a tool that can be used to spray paint. This tool is known as the “Paintbrush Tool.” The Paintbrush Tool can be found in the Tools panel and can be used to paint paths and shapes.

You can find the options for the different brushes available for the Paintbrush tool in the Brushes window. You can open this by going to Window > Brushes.

From there, select the type of brush that you prefer to make a spray paint-like effect. If it’s not available, you can also choose to upload a spray paint brush library of your own. You can do this by going to the “Brush Libraries Menu” at the lower-left corner of the Brushes window and selecting “Other Library” from the options.

In the new window that will appear, select the spray paint brush library file that you want to upload and hit the “Open” button.

NOTE: You can find lots of paintbrush libraries for Illustrator online which are available for free!

PRO TIP: There is no spray paint tool in Illustrator. If you want to create a sprayed effect, you can use the Paintbrush tool to create a brush stroke, and then upload a spray paint brush library.

From there, a new window containing the spray paint brushes that you upload will open up in Illustrator. Select one from the options, then click and drag on the canvas to use the spray paint brush tool.

The Paintbrush Tool can be used to paint in any color and can be edited using the Paintbrush options. The Paintbrush Tool can also be used to change the opacity of the paint, and to add effects like strokes. You can find these settings in the “Appearance” section under the “Properties” window on the right menu.


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