62+ Weebly Templates to Elevate Your Website’s User Experience

Last updated on May 22, 2022 @ 12:54 pm

9 Weebly templates and themes for amazing websites

Weebly is one of the top services available for building a website. This is due not only to an intuitive design and layout but to a selection of excellent themes that can make your blog, portfolio, or eCommerce site look like a million bucks. And on the internet, the right look is everything, especially in a world where users prefer visual content to a lot of text and reading.

What sets Weebly’s themes apart is they manage to be simple and elegant without sacrificing usability. Unlike other website builders, Weebly makes sure that templates on their platform conform to a style that the company has been cultivating since its inception. Whether you are looking for a new theme or to change your current template, we have you covered with a list of the top Weebly designs for your website!

NOTE: New to Weebly? Check out our in-depth Weebly review and come right back to choose your favorite theme.


The Bradley theme – a fully responsive, intuitive, and entirely customizable template. It’s smooth, streamlined for fast browsing and is ideal for CSS and HTML programmers alike.

The weebly Bradley Theme


The Inspiron theme achieves something that is rare in the world of website templates: its look is classic yet contemporary. With a design that is simple and unassuming, visitors will appreciate the aesthetics as well as the ease of navigation. Inspiron features a responsive design that can be fully customized in Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor.


Calling this theme iconic is a bit of an understatement – what with the unique layout, the responsive design and the exclusive navigation bar area. As great as the site looks on the outside, it’s no less impressive internally. Being CSS compatible has its perks, but HTML programmers can unite too, as this theme is every inch the developer’s dream. If we have one complaint, it’s that the template doesn’t work quite as well when changing wallpapers.

The Saucy Theme


Infiniti is the best selling  Weebly theme of 2019 and the reason for this might just be the contemporary, clean, and crisp design. Professional, yet elegant, Infiniti includes some incredible page layouts that can be completely customized to match your brand. The portfolio feature can be used to help increase conversions and the additional web store can be used to sell your products over a streamlined and clean backdrop. Check out Baambo Studios’ portfolio of Weebly website templates for more recent and trendy designs.


If you are in the market for a one-page website design, Parallax might be the one for you. It comes with a pre-designed homepage that you can customize to your liking with features that include a YouTube video header, Ken Burns image slider, rotating text, parallax background, and eight custom Weebly widgets.


Where once it may have been subjective, modern website design is, unquestionably, an art form. Themes like Vayu prove this with a design that focuses on a single image and puts its form above function. That is not to say that the template is not functional, however. Vayu features a hamburger menu that allows you to add all of the pages your users might want, including a shop, a blog, a portfolio, and everything in between.


Created with interior designers in mind, the Kudos Weebly theme allows you to display your finest work in a carousel of big and bold images that occupy the entire page. Featuring five different header types, a zoom slider, an icon set, and eight custom widgets, the template packs a valuable punch. Say goodbye to the website your business has been using since 1998 and upgrade to Kudos.


As the Internet evolves and matures, we are seeing a cleaner and simpler design scheme emerge across the board. Joeby is an excellent example of just how pared down a site can be without sacrificing looks or functionality. The template was built with attention to detail and is fully responsive, allowing it to look great on any device. It even has built-in SEO tools, making it a one-stop option for a fool-proof site.


There’s nothing sadder than a club that nobody goes to. Become the Friday-night hotspot with the Rockon Weebly theme. Designed for nightclubs, the template provides everything your customers need to know about your business. The clean and responsive design ensures it looks good on desktop and mobile, and the gallery pages will show partiers what they’re missing. Fair warning, though: You may have to hire a bouncer.


There is nothing wrong with injecting some secrecy into your brand and Fusion provides you with all of the tools to create an aura of mystery for your clients. Great for personal portfolio sites or even as a platform for full-fledged businesses, Fusion can be edited to fit your every need. Simple and clean, the design will remain relevant for years to come.


The Jekas Weebly theme is clean, bold, and modern. It offers users many great features that will ensure growth and improvement for years to come. These include full integration with Weebly’s proprietary drag-and-drop website builder and fully customizable pages, colors, and theme elements. It’s even powerful enough to handle eCommerce.


Joyce offers users a crisp and clean design that is modern and professional. Designed for online businesses, the template provides users with everything they need to bring customers and ultimately convert them into sales. These include on-page contact information, social links, a blog, and a design that inspires confidence and trust.


Stella is a business theme for corporate Weebly users that offers modern sensibility, premium features, and a unique design that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients. It includes five different menu styles, ten page layouts, full color customization, and all of the great Weebly features and settings that make the platform so attractive.


Designed with artists of all kinds in mind, Craft is a Weebly theme that can help you take your portfolio to the next level. Bold, confident, and professional, you should have no trouble inspiring your visitors and earning their trust. The template includes six different web page layouts for attaining that “just right” look.


Vine is a stark, modern, and beautiful Weebly theme. Taking advantage of the hottest website trends, the theme has features like a boxy design, bold colors, and parallax scrolling. Sleek, smooth, and professional, the template is designed for businesses but would be appropriate for anyone looking to make a statement with their website.


If you work in an industry where you need to ‘wow’ your clients – and even if you don’t – Caviar might be just the thing for you. This simple, yet sophisticated template provides easy navigation and abides by a less-is-more approach, thereby preventing overwhelming users. Fully compatible with Weebly 4, Caviar features tons of theme options, seven page layouts, and is fully mobile responsive.


Just because a theme is minimal doesn’t mean it can’t have character. This is no better demonstrated than by the aptly named Character Weebly theme. Contemporary and stylish, the template will elevate the professional image of your business or personal website. In a world where most sites play it safe, Character presents a bold alternative without sacrificing functionality.

High Peak

As the bar for what catches the eye of the average consumer continues to rise, the need for stepping up your website design also increases. The High Peak template hits visitors with a stark, high-definition image that consumes the page and their attention. No matter what you use your site for, High Peak will convey everything you want to say immediately. The theme is fully animated, responsive, and features a navigation bar, CSS buttons, and social icons.

Urban Dine

There is no business like the food business, and starting a restaurant is one of the most difficult things people venture out to do. Most don’t do it for the money, but for the love of food. Showcasing your skills is essential, and getting people into your eatery is difficult unless you really set yourself apart. The Urban Dine theme from Weebly will help you showcase your culinary creations, serve up a menu, and provide visitors with contact information. The template is completely responsive, so users will also be able to refer to it on their smartphones and mobile devices.

Mill Clothing

Mill Clothing is a modern and clean design best suited to boutique-style shops. With a stark homepage featuring a massive above-the-fold image, this theme tells your customers exactly what you want them to know in a clear and impressive fashion. Below the fold, you can add more featured products or links to categories and sections.  Mill Clothing includes a responsive design with CSS buttons, vector social icons, navigation top, and customizable color palettes.

Modus Operandi

With so much content being produced and shared online every single day, there has never been a better way to show off your skills to the world. With the Modus Operandi Weebly theme, you can do so simply and elegantly with a design that demands attention. Visitors will be treated to your work in a clear and concise way and you will have access to everything you need to share and promote your work.


If you are looking for a simple Weebly theme, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Made to promote your most unique product – yourself – Vivien serves as an excellent portfolio or profile site. Don’t settle for anything less than the beautiful simplicity of this template, with its responsive design, color customizability, social icons, and more.


Many Weebly themes may seem similar at first glance, but taking a closer look often results in discovering design elements that surprise and delight. SRLY is an exercise in subtlety and minimalism. Providing users with everything they need and nothing more, the template highlights your products in much the same way a white background photograph would. Offering a responsive layout with vector social icons, CSS buttons, and a navigation side, SRLY is a powerful theme with a soft appearance.

LoveSeat Weebly Theme

A love seat is a sofa that is shared by two people. In that vein, the LoveSeat template provides a personalized experience for you to share with your customer. With a design that makes one feel as though they are receiving a personal showroom tour, this theme achieves what few others can: a personal experience on a standardized template. LoveSeat comes equipped with features like responsive elements and animations for a truly rousing experience.


If you’re looking for a creatively intuitive website that emanates style and expertise, then the Slick theme is definitely worth checking out. It’s stylish enough to pull off any professional businesses’ requirements, whilst being friendly and clean enough to captivate an audience and draw them in. The options to customize this template are very expansive – making it a great framework for experienced designers.

Slick weebly layout


We came across another journalistic styled template in our search – this time in the form of the Highlighter theme. It couldn’t be any more different than the Stripes theme, in fact, you might even consider it a more personal take on the journalist aesthetic. It’s fully responsive as expected, CSS programmable and has a layout to mesmerize even the most stubborn audiences. If you like a fresh slate to work from, this is it.

Highlight Theme

Holeon Weebly Template

A responsive design, a fully functional parallax background and half a dozen layouts to choose from has resulted in the Holeon template being one of the most popular to be used by designers around the world.



Whether you’re new to the design industry, or if you’re a professionally trained designer – you’ll undoubtedly appreciate the power and potential of the Bloom theme. It’s fresh, clean and would suit a whole variety of industries – and given the added bonus of implementing a unique portfolio page, the options are almost endless.

The Bloom Layout


This theme is simplicity at its finest, and if there’s one thing that the Paper theme excels at – it’s portraying a message as elegantly as possible. The simplistic layout is easy to modify and personalize, making the Paper theme a great blank canvas for designers and programmers alike. It’s also compatible with CSS and HTML coding, allowing for an even greater level of customization.

The Paper Theme


As simple as this theme may appear at first glance, in truth it is actually a pretty extensive tool for advanced designers. It boasts a fully responsive layout with CSS capabilities, and what’s more is that users will get to choose from no less than a dozen differing page layouts. There’s even the option to implement popup videos, making the template a great way to showcase your creative prowess.

frank weebly


For photographers, creative people and inventors in general – the Cento theme offers one of the most extensive capabilities available. It’s fast, responsive and allows the designer to implement their own unique features and functions thanks to CSS and HTML compatibility. The layout is great too, and looks every inch as stylish as it is professional.



Featuring a fully responsive layout, neatly sectioned images and content, and the added bonus of CSS and HTML coding facilities – the potential of the Oasis template is only as limited as your imagination. It’s fun, fresh and comes complete with images and dummy text. Once you get into the template, you’ll enjoy just how legitimate it is.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 22.46.54


If you’re in need of a revitalizing website that captivates your audience, then the Venue theme is certainly worth a look. Although you can customize the theme’s colors and fonts we found the demo to be the most impactful, with its bright orange layout. Throw in the responsiveness and easy HTML implementation and you have a functional site with style. It also features CSS capabilities too, making it even more versatile for amateurs and pros.

The Exciting Weebly Venue Theme


Here’s a template that is as spacious as it is functional. The Dusk theme has a pleasant wash of color that can revitalize even the stalest brand. It also includes free vector social media icons and is fully compatible with both HTML and CSS programmers. The full width header image isn’t something to scoff at either – if anything it makes navigating around the site even easier than centered and justified sites.

Keeping Things Responsive and Functional with Dusk


Paris is the city of love and we have no doubt that you’ll fall in love with this theme. Its main composition is black and orange – but not the type of orange that makes you think of Halloween. These colors are adjustable either way thanks to the CSS and HTML compatibility. The navigation bar is fixed and responsive enough to suit all mobile device shapes and sizes, and there are even animation features to boot.

Paris Weebly Theme


If you want to promote your logo and brand, then you won’t go wrong with the impact template. It’s fun, exciting and spacious enough to cater to any market. Considering how responsive it is too, you’d be forgiven for expecting a huge price tag. The vector social media icons are great additions and they perfectly reflect the feel of the template, and with a full width header your audience won’t stop enjoying.

Impact Template


Fully responsive, featuring a fixed navigation, boasting active link CSS capabilities and coming complete with animation compatibilities too, the Birdseye theme is incredibly well rounded. Now it may not be everyone’s cup of tea as far as layout and aesthetics are concerned, but if you have a particular color palette that you like then you’ll appreciate the customizable potential. The navigation is fixed too, so you’ll never have to worry about poor sizing as people zoom in.


Clean Lines

This is possibly one of the nicest looking themes available to Weebly users – and not just because of its appearance. It’s incredibly versatile and would suit amateur and professional programmers alike. The fixed width navigation bar is nice and spacious, making it ideal if you’re keen to feature your logo prominently at the top of the page. The rest of the layout is minimalistic, making the ideal playground for aspiring designers hoping to be creative.

Clean Lines


As soon as you look at this website, you’ll be as captivated as we were. It’s fully CSS and HTML compatible, and the fixed width header is a great starting point for audiences to get to grips with what you do best. The background image is interchangeable, although we quite like the atmospheric feeling that comes from being so high up above the clouds. What’s really unique is that the navigation is under one dropdown.

The Superset Responsive Template


Calm, passionate and reassuring. These are just a few words that we’d use to describe the Unite theme, and we’re sure that you’ll agree. It’s simple enough to explain any niche that it’s being used for, but detailed enough to avoid boring your audience. Where it really shines is in its mobile responsiveness, and the background will mold itself to any particular device when correctly programmed via the CSS and HTML functions.



X is a highly visual Weebly website template that focuses on ease of use. Whether you are replacing an older theme or building your website for the first time, X is extremely easy to install, modify, and customize. The theme is smart enough to automatically transfer all of your old content and includes five menu styles and 13 page layouts.


The Linen there was built to cater to people with an aesthetic vision. Steeped in rich design and creativity, the template includes all of the features you need to highlight your best work. Twelve page layouts ensure that your users are treated to a visual feast with every click.


If you have been searching for a modern, yet minimal design for your Weebly website, look no further than Gecko. The Gecko website template is an easy-to-use theme that enables you to create a professional looking site with the latest Web 2.0 features. These include an animation header, video backgrounds, reveal animation, and a carousel zoom slider. The theme also includes over 700 free icons to give your site character.


There’s one thing that we think about when we look at this theme and that’s fashion. The demo shot oozes stylish apparel that would suit any aspiring designer or fashion enthusiast. The template itself is functional, versatile and completely responsive, making it more than suitable for use as a blog or as a traditional website. The fixed width header also makes it very easy to add headings that reflect your clothing categories.


Purple Haze

Is this theme actually purple? That might depend on your screen’s settings, but either way there’s no denying just how attractive the layout is. It might be called Purple Haze, but the color palette is entirely customizable, from the fonts to the color scheme. The developers went the extra mile by including mobile responsiveness too, and as the theme is programmable via both CSS and HTML – it’s a great canvas for designers to show their stuff.

Purple Haze


Whether you run your own online tabloid, or if you’re a blogger looking for a great platform to get your message across – the Stripes Theme is every inch the journalists dreams. It’s fast, fully responsive and comes packed with CSS, animation and HTML features. What’s more is that the theme’s color can be customized to reflect your preferences or brand, so making your mark online is as easy as any aspiring writer can appreciate.

Stripes Weebly Theme


We can’t believe how similar the Brisk theme is to the Purple Haze – in fact it’s shockingly similar barring the change in color. The navigation area is a little smaller than the Purple Haze however, and we can think of half a dozen websites that use this theme because of its functionality and ease of navigation. What’s not to love about a responsive website that is as fun to program as it is simplistic to use?



As we’re on the topic of simplistic style, take a look at the mouth dropping Journey theme. It’s just so white that freshness will never be an issue – and this makes it even better as suited mobile devices and tablets of all sizes. If you’re a fan of programming from the ground up, then the Journey template could be a good place to start – and you’ll even enjoy being able to introduce complimentary images, too.

Taking a New Journey


What do you think when you look at the Redux template? Personally, we think it’s a little more on the techy side than anything else, what with the demon displaying a vibrant blue and black color scheme. There’s nothing to say that you couldn’t mix these colors up either – in fact thanks to the fully customizable color palette, the potential is only restricted by your own imagination. This fully responsive template is fresh, fun and versatile.



We know that it’s just a demo, but how great would the background and images look for an aspiring chef hoping to showcase their talents? Unlike many of the themes featured within this list, the Squared template boasts a left-side navigation area. This great switch from the norm is further complimented when viewed on mobile devices, as the images become the focal point all of a sudden – leaving room for your products.

Squared Template


Keeping things edible with the Aroma template now – and this theme definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little more upmarket than the Squared theme, and it might suit a professional establishment a little better. It is also fully responsive and boasts complete compatibility with CSS and HTML users. The color scheme looks great as it is, but we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to go for your own style to solidify your brand’s presence and visibility online.

The Aroma

Optima – Discontinued, Refer to Optima2

Okay, now here’s a groundbreaking design if ever we saw one. The Optima theme is every inch as affordable as it is professional – and whether you love the look and feel of the background, or if you’d prefer to wipe it and start from scratch; you’ll definitely have a good framework to operate from. It works with HTML5, CSS3 and features Javascript compatibility too – what more could you ask for?

Optima Weebly Theme


Those working in the construction industry know that standing out is important to creating leads, building client bases, and advertising services. The Constructor theme can help you achieve all three of those goals, with a template that conveys professionalism and expertise. Included in the template are 14 custom widgets and an equal number of sections in which to place them. Nine page layouts round out the customization options and an eCommerce option enables you to accept payments online.


More and more people are creating resume websites online and the reason for this is obvious. It conveys a level of skill and seriousness that headhunters seek. The Bio Weebly theme is one of the best CV sites we have ever seen, with the option of a one- or multi-page design, full customizability, mobile responsiveness, and customizable sections. By sharing all of your best work and leading the conversation, the job of your dreams is just around the corner.


Inspire – Discontinued

Elegant themes are hard to come by, and not only does the Inspire template pull that off with ease – it does so at an incredibly affordable price. It’s engaging, functional and easy to navigate. There’s room at the top for your social media icons, and the built-in drag and drop slider makes customizing the imagery amazingly easy. It’s also mobile friendly and has a great color palette to choose from to suit all skill levels.


Holeon Light

We’ve already covered the Holeon, so how about taking a look at the Holeon Light? The developers received a great level of acclaim for the original theme, but they still found it worthwhile to offer a compressed version of the iconic template. The Holeon Light does exactly that and it all but eliminates everything, barring the most necessary components. It’s still as functional and responsive as its predecessor, without the larger content areas.

Holeon Light


If you need a fantastic looking landing page that creates a superior level of anticipation, the Orbit theme may well be the one for you. It’s not a website as such – in fact it is just a simple screen with a countdown timer, but boy is that screen energetic. CSS and HTML users are able to program the theme to ‘countdown’ the time to release; and it is fully responsive as well.

The Orbit Template


If you enjoyed our play on words, then you’ll really like the Exception theme. Not only is it fully responsive, compatible with HTML and CSS – it’s affordable, functional and boasts its own unique parallax backgrounds. There’s even an active testimonial scroll bar included as standard – and there’s nothing to say that you couldn’t use this section to promote particular products or services, or do exactly what the developers intended it for – to showcase your customer feedback.



Dezine sounds like a great word, but it’s also a fantastic Weebly template, too. It’s responsive, easy to code and would make the ideal platform for interior designers, property developers and everyone in between to explore what they do best. The colors may be a little jarring at first – what with the lime green on white, but that only adds to the impact of the website overall. Generally a great looking website.

Dezine by WebFire

Nexus – Discontinued

Now this is a theme that is as versatile as it is stunning – and it’s ideal for a huge array of industries and niches around the web. There are 4 page styles to choose from, each of which features its own unique layout. The entirely customizable design can also be adjusted via code, resulting in a potentially endless set of possibilities as far as aesthetics are concerned.

The Nexus Template weebly

And that brings us to the end of our list. We’ve covered a range of great Weebly themes that suit a whole host of industries and niches – and we have no doubt that anyone of these could greatly benefit your online presence. We suggest you try a few free themes from the above list before trying premium products.

Of these templates, each feature their own unique layout and functions, and it’s when exploring the potential of these individual features that the ability to personalize a website becomes such an easy thing to do – like any platform or skill, the more you use Weebly and try different designs, you get the hang of it and improve your end result.

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  1. Jason Holt

    Yes, love the Holeon. Use it myself and there’s nothing like it. Parallax rules.

  2. Debbie Smith

    Agree about Holeon, but I can’t stand Parallax effects any more. So many sites feature it now and I find myself wanting to go back to a time before Parallax, am I on my own here?

    • Andy ^^

      It is a little overdone now. Seems like every design agency around the world is putting it to their clients as the be-all and end-all for all of their website needs. Personally I cottoned on to the potential early on and I did use it to its fullest. But these days it’s a little overdone.

    • Dan Mas

      Cannot agree with you any more!

  3. Stella Huckland

    Guys (and girls, you’re overlooking the key fact about Parallax effects, and that’s that research found it to be a great way to engage an audience. Who cares if it’s overdone? As long as the website looks different then there’s really no issue.

    I’m a fan of the Nexus, Bloom and the Frank templates mostly because they’re all quite different to each other. I’m actually in the process of working on a client site with the Bloom template right now and I’ll see if they let me post it up here once it’s done. I added my own take on Parallax just to keep it unique, too.

    • Debbie S.

      Thanks for chiming in Stella, but it’s that same old argument. If a website looks different is that enough to overlook the Parallax implementation? Repetition does get a little boring unless it’s done really differently like the Bradley theme.

      • Stella Huckland

        Hi Debbie, most websites are written in English, does that make them repetitive? It’s not about how the website works, it’s about how it engages the audience and that’s exactly what the inclusion of a Parallax effect takes in to account.

        • Dan Mas

          Whoever uses parallax design these days?
          I really can’t wrap my head around why this trend is still going on – not functional at all.

  4. Robbin C.

    I have to say that I do not like the theme provider company “WebFire”. Besides finding them outdated, their response time for support is super slow! Just my 2 c.

    • Webfire Themes

      Hi There Robbin

      Thank you for the feedback.

      I am not sure why you were unfortunate enough to experience slow response times. As a company we have taken great pride over the past few years to constantly work on improving our response times and generally respond to all tickets in less than 24 hours.

      As for our themes being Outdated… We agree, some were getting a little oldskool for some people… Since leaving this post we’ve launched several new, modern themes that make use of the latest web trends… Be sure to take a look, i’m sure we can restore your faith in Webfire Themes.

  5. DeisgnErr

    Great collection of themes. I love the fact that anybody can create weebly templates, not like other website builders that only provide the themes by themselves (e.g Wix).

  6. LolaU2

    Hi, I want to make my own website soon. I’m not sure if I want to use Squarespace, Wix or Weebly. I’m doubting because the Weebly templates aren’t what I’m looking for. Squarespace does have cool ones. What’s a possible solution?

  7. OK56

    Do you have any tips for me? I would like to make some extra changes. I don’t need help with customizing or anything, just in terms of editing code. Pls help!

    • Wbsitebuilderinsider

      You’ll have to look for a template designer who already knows how to use Weebly. You could simply hire a freelancer or look for premium Weebly template design providers.

  8. KatieJess

    I’m a designer and I have to say that I really love using the Bloom theme. Good job on your article!

  9. DonnaPL

    Thanks for the article, it helped me make a decision. I was looking for an easy to code website and Dezine made the final cut.

  10. Werner

    I first signed up to Weebly a few years ago. I feel like over time they diminished some of the functions. To keep the functions that I was used to, I have to pay now. Not too long ago, they downgraded my site because a payment didn’t go through. I contacted the customer service and they weren’t helpful at all. I think I might use another website builder.

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