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How Do I Cut Out a Shape in Photoshop?

Last updated on September 23, 2022 @ 10:01 pm

Assuming you have a basic understanding of Photoshop, let’s get started on how to cut out a shape in Photoshop. The first step is to open the image that you want to work with. For this tutorial, we will be using this image.

Once your image is open, create a new layer by clicking on the “Create a new layer” icon at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Now that you have a new layer, you will need to select the area that you want to cut out. There are many ways to do this, but for this tutorial we will be using the “Lasso Tool”. You can select it from the toolbar on the left side of the screen or by pressing the letter “L” on your keyboard.

Once you have selected the “Lasso Tool”, start drawing around the edge of the shape that you want to cut out. Be sure to stay as close to the edge as possible.

Once you have gone all the way around the edge of the shape, release your mouse button or lift your finger off of your trackpad. You should now see a selection around the shape.

Now that we have our selection, we can start cutting out the shape. To do this, go up to the “Edit” menu at the top of Photoshop and select “Cut”. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key “Ctrl+X” on a Windows computer or “Command+X” on a Mac.

This will cut out the shape from your original image and place it on its own layer. You can now move it around or even resize it if you want!

PRO TIP: If you are not familiar with the pen tool in Photoshop, we advise you not to attempt to cut out a shape. The pen tool can be difficult to master and if you are not careful, you can end up with an unintended result.

So there you have it! That’s how you cut out a shape in Photoshop. As you can see, it’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it.

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