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How do I point my domain to Linode?

Last updated on September 25, 2022 @ 12:49 pm

If you want to point your domain to Linode, you can use our domain forwarding service. Once you’ve created an account and associated your domain with it, we’ll take care of forwarding all requests for your domain to our servers. To use our domain forwarding service, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to our forwarding page and enter your domain name.

2. Click “Create Account” and enter your Linode login information.

3. Click “Forwarding.” and enter the IP address or domain name of the Linode server where you want your domain to be hosted.

4. Click “Create Forwarding Rule” and enter the appropriate settings.

5. Click “Create Forwarding Rule” again and enter the appropriate settings for your domain.

6. Click “Update Forwarding Rule” and confirm the changes.

7. Click the “Forwarding Rules” tab and confirm that your forwarding rule is active.

8. Click the “Domain Names” tab and confirm that your forwarding rule is active for your domain.

9. Click the “Log Out” button and confirm that you’re logged out of our domain forwarding service.

10. Visit your domain name in your browser and confirm that it’s working.

If you have any questions or problems setting up our domain forwarding service, please contact us at

PRO TIP: If you are pointing your domain to Linode, make sure that your DNS settings are correct. Incorrect DNS settings can lead to domain name resolution issues and website outages.
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