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Why Do Designers Hate Canva?

Last updated on September 27, 2022 @ 11:02 am

As a designer, I have always been pretty vocal about my hatred for Canva. I think it is a terrible design tool and it makes me cringe every time I see one of their designs. Here are five reasons why I hate Canva:

1. The designs are terrible.

Canva’s designs are tacky, amateurish, and just plain bad. They lack any sort of sophistication or complexity, and they look like they were made by someone with no design skills whatsoever.

2. They don’t understand design principles.

Canva’s designs are a perfect example of what happens when someone doesn’t understand basic design principles. Their layouts are chaotic, their use of color is garish, and their overall aesthetic is just unpleasant to look at.

3. They think design is easy.

Canva’s whole business model is based on the premise that design is easy and anyone can do it. This is just not true. Design is a complex skill that takes years to master, and Canva’s assumption that anyone can do it is just insulting to professional designers.

4. They’re trying to replace professional designers.

Canva is clearly Targeting professional designers with their marketing and their product, and they’re trying to replace us with amateurs who use their tool. This is a dangerous trend, and it’s something that all designers should be concerned about.

5. Their designs make the world a worse place.

By flooding the world with bad designs, Canva is making it harder for people to appreciate good design when they see it. This has a negative effect on the overall quality of design, and it makes the world a worse place for everyone involved.

PRO TIP: Designers hate Canva because it is a low-cost, online design platform that enables anyone to create professional-looking designs. This accessibility makes it a threat to the livelihood of professional designers.


There are many reasons why designers hate Canva, but ultimately it comes down to the fact that they produce terrible designs that lack any sort of sophistication or complexity.

Drew Clemente

Drew Clemente

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