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How do I transfer my prototype InVision?

Last updated on September 24, 2022 @ 9:39 pm

Prototype InVision is great for testing and prototyping your ideas quickly. However, if you need to move your prototype to a different computer or update the design, it can be difficult to transfer the project. Here are some tips for transferring your prototype InVision project:

1. Export your project as a .

zip file.

2. Upload the .

zip file to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. Open the project in a new InVision project.

4. Copy and paste the project assets into the new project.

5. Update the design in the new project.

6. Save the project.

7. Close the new project and open the original project.

8. Click “Import” in the main project window and select the .

9. Edit the project as needed and save it.

PRO TIP: If you are planning to transfer your prototype to InVision, please be aware that there are some potential risks involved. There is no guarantee that your prototype will be compatible with InVision, and you may lose some or all of your data in the process. Please backup your data before proceeding.
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