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How do you skew in Illustrator?

Last updated on November 19, 2022 @ 8:57 am

In Illustrator, you can skew an object using the skew command. This command allows you to adjust the vertical and horizontal alignment of an object in a vector graphic.

When you skew an object, Illustrator scales the object along the direction you specify.

To skew an object in Illustrator, select the object and choose the skew command from the Illustrator menu. You can then use the arrow keys to adjust the object’s alignment.

When you’re done skewting the object, press Return or Enter to finish the adjustment.

Alternative ways

The Shear Tool is located in the same menu as the Scale and Rotate tools if you need help locating it. Unfortunately, the Shear Tool does not currently have a dedicated keyboard shortcut. Therefore, it must be activated in the usual way.

Using shear tool

Text in Illustrator can be angled in any direction relative to its anchor point. The text can be skewed to make it look italicized, or the shearing can be emphasized for a more dramatic impact. The text has been sheared vertically, causing it to slant on the diagonal.

Here’s how to use the shear tool:

First, insert some text using the Type Tool. There is no need to make an outline of your text before using the Shear Tool because it is compatible with Live Text.

skew text shear tool

The second action is to pick the Shear Tool from the menu. On the text, you’ll notice an arrow pointing somewhere. The normal position of the anchor point is at the left-bottom corner of the text.

Third, click and drag in any direction on the artboard to rotate the text around the skew anchor point. Also, the anchor’s location is modifiable. To skew the text, just click where you want it shifted.

If you’d like to adjust the text’s perspective by hand. You may access the Shear Tool’s preferences by double-clicking on the tool itself.

Using rotate tool

If you want to skew some text, I don’t think the Shear Tool is necessary when you have the Rotate Tool (R on the keyboard).

rotate tool menu option

Once I typed some words on the artboard. To rotate an image, click the Rotate Tool on the toolbar. It’s possible to enter the angle manually, or to merely click and drag the text in order to rotate it.

To rotate text, select the Rotate Tool; just as with the Shear Tool, an anchor point will appear on the text. To rotate the text, click and drag the rotation anchor to a new location in the text.

If I, for instance, click and hold the middle of the letter S and drag, the text will revolve around that spot. Do double-click on the Rotate Tool to manually adjust the rotation angle.

Adobe Illustrator is your design hero

Adobe Illustrator is primarily utilized by those who are making vector graphics, which are primarily based on mathematical constructs. This software is useful when designing graphics, logos, typefaces, and cartoons. Because the quality of vectors is not affected when they are scaled up or down, Illustrator is an excellent choice for any kind of design that needs to be printed in a variety of sizes.

When you use Illustrator, you won’t need to worry about the resolution of your document. Therefore, you should be able to achieve a superior print output. Illustrator is a handy tool for people working in the visual design sector, despite the fact that it is not generally used to modify already existing images due to the restricted number of image editing features and filters.

PRO TIP: Skewing in Illustrator can result in distorted or uneven lines. Use the Skew tool with caution and check your results carefully before proceeding.


Adobe Illustrator has a dedicated skew tool, but you can easily skew text with the Shear Tool or the Rotate tool. When dragging the Shear Tool to skew text, be careful not to go too far, or the text will get distorted.

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